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Whip Delight brings DOLE SOFT SERVE® to the streets of Iowa. Our vintage camper-turned- food truck is the perfect way to enjoy a delicious treat while getting to experience a piece of Hawaii and nostalgia. This is a Hawaiian frozen dessert with an amazing flavor. We serve the classic pineapple and one additional flavor each week! Our Whip Pops allow customers to try one of the 10 different flavors. Thirsty? Try a float! 

Smooth. Sweet. Classic. Pineapple lovers commence. This smooth, tropical treat is the original DOLE SOFT SERVE that is craved around the world.

Our truck is a slight to behold and it's great for getting the word out about our unique business. We take pride in being able to serve up DOLE SOFT SERVE in a fun and tropical atmosphere. Find us near you! 

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